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1992 Solheim Cup


This was the second time the Solheim Cup was played. After the European victory, the overall standings in the event's history was USA 1, Europe 1.

Final Score: Europe 11.5, USA 6.5

Dates Played: October 2-4, 1992

Location: Dalmahoy Country Club in Edinburgh, Scotland

Team Captains: Kathy Whitworth/Alice Miller (USA) and Mickey Walker (EUR)

Team Rosters: Europe - Helen Alfredsson, Laura Davies, Florence Descampe, Kitrina Douglas, Trish Johnson, Liselotte Neumann, Alison Nicholas, Catrin Nilsmark, Dale Reid, Pamela Wright. USA - Danielle Ammaccapane, Pat Bradley, Brandie Burton, Beth Daniel, Juli Inkster, Betsy King, Meg Mallon, Dottie Pepper, Deb Richard, Patty Sheehan.

Notes: The series was tied 1-1 after Europe's win, the only point in Solheim history at which Europe did not trail the USA in overall standings. Europe dominated the singles 7-3, and Laura Davies went 3-0-0.

Day One Results


  • Laura Davies/Alison Nicholas (EUR) defeated Betsy King/Beth Daniel (USA), 1 up
  • Liselotte Neumann/Helen Alfredsson (EUR) defeated Pat Bradley/Dottie Pepper (USA), 2&1
  • Danielle Ammaccapane/Meg Mallon (USA) defeated Florence Descampe/Trish Johnson (EUR), 1 up
  • Dale Reid/Pamela Wright (EUR) halved with Patty Sheehan/Juli Inkster (USA)

Score after Day 1: Europe 2.5, USA 1.5

Day Two Results


  • Laura Davies/Alison Nicholas (EUR) defeated Patty Sheehan/Juli Inkster (USA), 1 up
  • Florence Descampe/Trish Johnson (EUR) halved with Brandie Burton/Deb Richard (USA)
  • Betsy King/Meg Mallon (USA) defeated Dale Reid/Pamela Wright (EUR), 1 up
  • Helen Alfredsson/Liselotte Neumann (EUR) halved with Pat Bradley/Dottie Pepper (USA)

Score of Day 2 session: Europe 2, USA 2
Overall score after Day 2: Europe 4.5, USA 3.5

Day Three Results


  • Laura Davies (EUR) defeated Brandie Burton (USA), 4&2
  • Helen Alfredsson (EUR) defeated Danielle Ammaccapane (USA), 4&3
  • Trish Johnson (EUR) defeated Patty Sheehan (USA), 2&1
  • Juli Inkster (USA) defeated Alison Nicholas (EUR), 3&2
  • Beth Daniel (USA) defeated Florence Descampe (EUR), 3&1
  • Pamela Wright (EUR) defeated Pat Bradley (USA), 4&3
  • Catrin Nilsmark (EUR) defeated Meg Mallon (USA), 3&2
  • Deb Richard (USA) defeated Kitrina Douglas (EUR), 7&6
  • Liselotte Neumann (EUR) defeated Betsy King (USA), 2&1
  • Dale Reid (EUR) defeated Dottie Pepper (USA), 3&2

Score of Day 3 session: Europe 7, USA 3
Overall and final score: Europe 11.5, USA 6.5



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