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The Presidents Cup


The Presidents Cup is a competition between teams of male professional golfers representing the United States and the International team. It is played every other year.

Golfers on Team USA must be United States citizens. The International team is comprised of golfers who are not eligible to participate in the Ryder Cup (that is, they are not American or European). For that reason, the International team is sometimes referred to as the "Rest of the World" team.

Each team is led by a team captain, usually an older (40s or 50s), retired or semi-retired player of achievement; each team captain selects one or more assistant captains to assist him.

The Presidents Cup rotates between American sites and International sites. The team captains are selected by the PGA Tour, which is the organizing body. The tournament was originally played in even-numbered years, but now takes place in odd-numbered years.

Presidents Cup Scores

Here are the results of every Presidents Cup yet played (click on the final score to view location, team captains, team rosters, and all matches):

USA 18.5, International 15.5
USA 19, International 15
USA 19.5, International 14.5
USA 19.5, International 14.5
USA 18.5, International 15.5
International 17, USA 17 (tie)
USA 21.5, International 10.5
International 20.5, USA 11.5
USA 16.5, International 15.5
USA 20, International 12

Team Selection

Both sides in the Presidents Cup, International and USA, are comprised of 12 golfers. And both teams are based predominantly on points lists compiled over a 2-year period.

  • USA: As of 2013, Team USA takes the Top 10 players on the American Presidents Cup points list. An additional two golfers are selected as captain's picks.

  • Europe: As of 2013, Team International takes the Top 10 players on the International points list. An additional two golfers are selected as captain's picks.
The points lists for both sides are maintained by the PGA Tour and listed in the Statistics section of the PGA Tour website, along with the official Presidents Cup website (link below).

Presidents Cup Format

The Presidents Cup originally mimicked the Ryder Cup's 3-day format, but currently uses a 4-day competition schedule. There are 34 matches total - 11 foursomes, 11 fourballs and 12 singles:

  • First day: Six matches of either fourballs or foursomes (all 12 golfers play)

  • Second day: Six matches of either fourballs or foursomes (whichever format was not in use on Day 1)

  • Third day: Five matches of fourballs, five matches of foursomes

  • Fourth day: Singles match play, 12 matches (all players on both teams must play)
The fourball and foursome matches are halved if the players are tied at the end of 18 holes; however, singles matches are played until there is a winner, including extra holes if need be.

If the Presidents Cup overall score is tied at the end of Day 4's play, the competition is called a tie and both teams share the Presidents Cup until the next competition.

Official Presidents Cup website


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