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Peach Blossom Open


The Peach Blossom Open was a golf tournament in the early history of the LPGA Tour, played from the mid-1950s to the mid-1960s, in South Carolina.

This event was hosted by Betsy Rawls, who also won it back to back in 1956-57. Louise Suggs won the first two, and another consecutive champion was Wiffi Smith - but Smith won three in a row, 1958-60.

First played: 1953

Last played: 1966

Also known as: Peach Blossom Invitational, Betsy Rawls Open, Betsy Rawls Peach Blossom Open

1966 - Carol Mann
1965 - Marilynn Smith
1964 - Mickey Wright
1963 - Marilynn Smith
1962 - Mary Lena Faulk
1961 - Ruth Jessen
1960 - Wiffi Smith
1959 - Wiffi Smith
1958 - Wiffi Smith
1957 - Betsy Rawls
1956 - Betsy Rawls
1955 - Babe Zaharias
1954 - Louise Suggs
1953 - Louise Suggs

Golf Courses: Spartanburg Country Club in Spartanburg, South Carolina



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