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Birmingham Classic


This former LPGA Tour tournament was played 11 times from the early 1970s until the early 1980s, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Jane Blalock was the only 2-time winner of the tournament. Jan Stephenson's second career win happened here, and Hollis Stacy and Beth Daniel also posted early victories in this event.

First played: 1972

Last played: 1982

Also known as: Birmingham Centennial Classic, Otey Crisman Classic

Winners of the Birmingham Classic
1982 - Beth Daniel
1981 - Beth Solomon
1980 - Barbara Barrow
1979 - Jane Blalock
1978 - Hollis Stacy
1977 - Debbie Austin
1976 - Jan Stephenson
1975 - Maria Astrologes
1974 - Jane Blalock
1973 - Gloria Ehret
1972 - Betty Burfeindt

Golf Courses: Green Valley Country Club in Birmingham, Alabama.



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