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1963 Masters


The 1963 Masters was the 27th edition of the tournament. And it was the first victory for Jack Nicklaus.

Winner: Jack Nicklaus, 286

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 4-7, 1963

Leader after first round: Bo Wininger and Mike Souchak, 69

Leader after second round: Mike Souchak, 139

Leader after third round: Jack Nicklaus, 214

Notable Notes: Wet conditions created high scores in the third round, so even though he carded a 74, Jack Nicklaus took a 1-stroke lead. Then, even-par 72 in the final was good enough to secure a 1-stroke victory over Tony Lema.

It was Nicklaus' first Masters win and just his fifth overall win on the PGA Tour.

Final Scores
Jack Nicklaus 74-66-74-72--286
Tony Lema 74-69-74-70--287
Julius Boros 76-69-71-72--288
Sam Snead 70-73-74-71--288
Dow Finsterwald 74-73-73-69--289
Ed Furgol 70-71-74-74--289
Gary Player 71-74-74-70--289
Bo Wininger 69-72-77-72--290
Don January 73-75-72-71--291
Arnold Palmer 74-73-73-71--291
Billy Casper 79-72-71-70--292
Bruce Crampton 74-74-72-72--292
Doug Ford 75-73-75-69--292
Mike Souchak 69-70-79-74--292
Bob Charles 74-72-76-71--293
Chen Ching-Po 76-71-71-75--293
Billy Maxwell 72-75-76-70--293
Dick Mayer 73-70-80-70--293
Mason Rudolph 75-72-72-74--293
Dan Sikes 74-76-72-71--293
Stan Leonard 74-72-73-75--294
Johnny Pott 75-76-74-69--294
Art Wall Jr. 75-74-73-72--294
Wes Ellis 74-72-79-70--295
Gene Littler 77-72-78-68--295
Bobby Nichols 76-74-73-72--295
Jay Hebert 70-70-81-75--296
George Bayer 71-75-84-67--297
Tommy Jacobs 78-74-73-72--297
Doug Sanders73-74-77-73--297
Alvie Thompson 79-72-75-71--297
a-Labron Harris Jr. 79-71-73-75--298
Dave Ragan 74-75-76-73--298
Ken Venturi 77-74-77-71--299
a-Bill Hyndman 74-72-80-74--300
Kel Nagle 75-74-76-75--300
Tommy Bolt 75-76-76-74--301
a-Charlie Coe 72-75-79-75--301
a-Homero Blancas 75-77-76-74--302
Antonio Cerda 75-71-78-78--302
Lionel Hebert 75-74-77-76--302
Jack Fleck 74-77-77-75--303
Walter Burkemo 75-77-78-74--304
Jimmy Demaret 75-75-81-73--304
Herman Keiser 75-77-79-74--305
a-Downing Gray 73-76-81-76--306
a-R.H. Sikes 76-76-77-77--306
a-Billy Joe Patton 80-72-74-81--307
Gene Sarazen 74-73-81-80--308

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