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1962 Masters


At the 1962 Masters, the 26th time the tournament was played, Arnold Palmer collected his third Green Jacket.

Winner: Arnold Palmer, 280

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 5-9, 1962

Leader after first round: Gary Player, 67

Leader after second round: Arnold Palmer, 136

Leader after third round: Arnold Palmer, 205

Notable Notes: Arnold Palmer made a comeback over Augusta National's back nine in the final round, shooting 31 to make up three strokes and tie for the 72-hole lead with Gary Player and Dow Finsterwald. Then, in the playoff, Palmer carded a 68 to beat Player by three strokes. (Finsterwald was a distant third.)

It was the third of Palmer's three Masters victory. It was also the first 3-person playoff in tournament history. Player was the defending champion.

Final Scores
Arnold Palmer 70-66-69-75--280
Gary Player 67-71-71-71--280
Dow Finsterwald 74-68-65-73--280
Gene Littler 71-68-71-72--282
Jerry Barber 72-72-69-74--287
Jimmy Demaret 73-73-71-70--287
Billy Maxwell 71-73-72-71--287
Mike Souchak 70-72-74-71--287
a-Charlie Coe 72-74-71-71--288
Ken Venturi 75-70-71-72--288
Julius Boros 69-73-72-76--290
Gay Brewer 74-71-70-75--290
Jack Fleck 72-75-74-69--290
Harold Henning 75-73-72-70--290
Billy Casper 73-73-73-72--291
Gardner Dickinson Jr. 70-71-72-78--291
Paul Harney 74-71-74-72--291
Jack Nicklaus 74-75-70-72--291
Sam Snead 72-75-70-74--291
Jacky Cupit 73-73-72-74--292
Lionel Hebert 72-73-71-76--292
Don January 71-73-74-74--292
Johnny Pott 77-71-75-69--292
Al Balding 75-68-78-72--293
Bob Charles 75-72-73-74--294
Bob Goalby 74-74-73-73--294
Ted Kroll 72-74-72-76--294
Dave Ragan 70-73-76-75--294
Bill Collins 75-70-75-75--295
Bruce Crampton 72-75-74-74--295
Cary Middlecoff 75-74-73-73--295
Lew Worsham 75-70-78-72--295
Roberto De Vicenzo 77-72-70-77--296
Lloyd Mangrum 75-74-71-76--296
Byron Nelson 72-76-72-76--296
Chi Chi Rodriguez 72-72-75-77--296
Doug Sanders 74-74-73-75--296
Ben Hogan 78-71-75-73--297
Jack Burke Jr. 78-69-73-78--298
Antonio Cerda 74-75-75-74--298
Henry Picard 75-73-76-74--298
a-Don Cherry 77-72-73-77--299
Chick Harbert 75-74-74-77--300
George Bayer 71-76-74-80--301
Doug Ford 75-72-76-78--301
a-Jose Gonzalez Jr. 75-74-73-79--301
Brian Wilkes 74-75-74-78--301
a-Juan Estrada 75-74-76-77--302
Marion Gonzalez 73-76-77-76--302
Chandler Harper 73-76-79-74--302

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