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1957 Masters


The 1957 Masters was the 21st time the tournament was played.

Winner: Doug Ford, 283

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 4-7, 1957

Leader after first round: Jack Burke Jr., 71

Leader after second round: Sam Snead, 140

Leader after third round: Sam Snead, 214

Notable Notes: Doug Ford played a great final round of 66 to go from three strokes behind the leader at the start of the day to three strokes in front for the victory. Third-round leader Sam Snead couldn't hold off Ford, shooting six shots worse with a 72.

Final Scores
Doug Ford 72-73-72-66--283
Sam Snead 72-68-74-72--286
Jimmy Demaret 72-70-75-70--287
a-Harvie Ward Jr. 73-71-71-73--288
Peter Thomson 72-73-73-71--289
Ed Furgol 73-71-72-74--290
Jack Burke Jr. 71-72-74-74--291
Dow Finsterwald 74-74-73-70--291
Arnold Palmer 73-73-69-76--291
Jay Hebert 74-72-76-70--292
Marty Furgol 73-74-73-73--293
Stan Leonard 75-72-68-78--293
Henry Cotton 73-73-72-76--294
a-Bud Taylor 74-74-77-69--294
Ken Venturi 74-76-74-70--294
Al Balding 73-73-73-76--295
Billy Casper 75-75-75-70--295
Mike Fetchick 74-73-72-76--295
Fred Hawkins 75-74-72-74--295
Byron Nelson 74-72-73-76--295
Bruce Crampton 72-75-78-71--296
Al Mengert 75-75-71-75--296
Henry Ransom 75-73-72-76--296
Johnny Palmer 77-73-73-74--297
Gary Player 77-72-75-73--297
Jerry Barber 73-77-78-70--298
Jack Fleck 76-74-75-73--298
Bill Johnston 77-70-78-74--299
Lawson Little 76-72-77-74--299
Lloyd Mangrum 77-71-74-77--299
Skee Riegel 73-74-78-75--300
Doug Sanders 76-72-75-77--300
Bud Ward 73-75-76-76--300
a-Rex Baxter 79-71-73-78--301
Dick Mayer 80-70-75-77--302
Henry Picard 79-71-78-74--302
Sam Urzetta 74-73-78-77--302
a-Don Cherry 78-72-76-77--303
Claude Harmon 78-72-77-76--303
a-Hillman Robbins 77-73-74-80--304

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