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1936 Masters


The 1936 Masters Tournament was the third one played.

Winner: Horton Smith, 285

Where it was played: Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

Tournament dates: April 3-6, 1936

Leader after first round: Harry Cooper, 70

Leader after second round: Harry Cooper, 139

Leader after third round: Harry Cooper, 210

Notable Notes: "Lighthorse Harry" Cooper led after each of the first three rounds, but he didn't lead after the one that mattered most. Instead, Horton Smith won by a stroke over Cooper, shooting 72 to Cooper's 76 in the final round. Smith thus became the first 2-time champion at The Masters. Smith made his move on the 14th and 15th holes with back-to-back birdies, the first coming on a 50-foot chip-in.

Final Scores
Horton Smith 74-71-68-72--285
Harry Cooper 70-69-71-76--286
Gene Sarazen 78-67-72-70--287
Bobby Cruickshank 75-69-74-72--290
Paul Runyan 76-69-70-75--290
Ed Dudley 75-75-70-73--293
Ky Laffoon 75-70-75-73--293
Ray Mangrum 76-73-68-76--293
a-Johnny Dawson 77-70-70-77--294
Henry Picard 75-72-74-73--294
Walter Hagen 77-74-73-72--296
Denny Shute 76-68-75-77--296
Wiffy Cox 82-69-75-72--298
Byron Nelson 76-71-77-74--298
Al Espinosa 72-73-75-79--299
Vic Ghezzi 77-70-77-71--299
Harold "Jug" McSpaden 77-75-71-76--299
Jimmy Thomson 76-78-71-74--299
Orville White 78-73-77-71--299
Tommy Armour 79-74-72-75--300
Chick Chin 76-74-71-79--300
Lawson Little 75-75-73-77--300
Sam Parks Jr. 76-75-72-77--300
Craig Wood 88-67-69-76--300
Johnny Revolta 77-72-76-76--301
a-Albert Campbell 82-73-68-79--302
Dick Metz 79-78-76-70--303
Billy Burke 74-77-74-79--304
Johnny Farrell 78-75-74-78--305
Joe Kirkwood 81-76-73-75--305
Torchy Toda 81-74-75-75--305
Al Watrous 78-76-73-78--305
Bobby Jones 78-78-73-77--306
a-Bill Kaiser 77-78-77-75--307
a-Charlie Yates 82-73-75-77--307
Alvin Krueger 75-76-77-80--308
Ted Luther 74-75-77-72--308
Ted Turner 76-79-80-75--310
Jimmy Hines 79-82-74-76--311
Jules Huot 80-79-75-77--311
Gene Kunes 81-76-76-78--311
Frank Walsh 80-77-78-76--311
a-Johnny Goodman 80-81-79-75--315
Bob Riegel 84-78-74-83--319
a-Bob Sweeny Jr. 83-72-74-87--319

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