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Welcome to Golf Compendium. We've just launched and will be building this site over time, with the goal of producing a deep repository of golf information, details, facts, figures and history. About players - both men and women; about tours around the world; about the majors; and about many more facets of the game of golf.

We hope you'll join us and watch us grow. If you'd like to submit information, ask a question or request an addition to the site, see the "Contact" link at the bottom of any page.

Golf Winners
The Arnold Palmer Drink
Explore the famous drink named after The King. You can watch videos on the history of the drink and how it gots its name. And you'll also find recipes for non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions.

PGA Championship Winners
The season's final major in men's golf, the PGA Championship is "glory's last shot" each year.

PGA Tour Money Leaders
Here's a look at all the golfers who've led the PGA Tour in earnings over the years. It's organized chronologically, and by decade.

Golf Boys Videos
Here's a fun diversion - the complete collection of Golf Boys videos.


More Features
The Solheim Cup
Take a look at this overview of the Solheim Cup tournament, which includes all the scores from previous matches, plus more info.

Nearest Point of Relief
Rules experts have a good understanding of the concept of "nearest point of relief," but do you? Check out these videos explaining it in detail.

Tiger Woods' 'Better Than Most' Putt
Watch the video and read about the circumstances of Tiger Woods' famous "better than most" putt at the 2001 Players Championship.

Golf Spelled Backwards
Golf Spelled Backwards is the name of our affiliated golf blog. At, the focus is on fun, interesting, amazing, unusual and out of the ordinary stories about golf.


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